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The Beyond Meat IPO is up 260% in two weeks!

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Despite the global fame of its brand ambassadors Leonardo DiCaprio and Snoop Dog, Alternative faux meat specialist Beyond Meat (symbol BYND) electrified Wall Street with its white-hot IPO. The recent panic in financial markets and rising geopolitical risk in the Middle East did not prevent Beyond Meat’s $240 million IPO from being a fabulous winner, rising from 25 to 89 as I write. Of course, it was almost impossible for a Gulf family office to get a decent allocation in the Beyond Meat IPO since its vegan/animal welfare and environmental appeal made it a must own, cult holding for some investors, from Calpers to the Harvard University Endowment to the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund. Yet an investor prescient enough to buy the shares at 45 after it began trading could still have doubled his money in a week the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ all tanked in unison. Did I buy the Beyond Meat IPO? No. I was too mesmerized by the spectacular failure of the Uber IPO and the bloodbath in Chinese shares, a target rich environment for short sellers. So I missed the “sizzler” IPO of 2019 – a moment of shame for me.

Despite all the euphoria, my deep value paradigm now makes it impossible for me to embrace concept stocks like Beyond and I know squat about the world’s protein products market – until now. This puppy is for real, a potential 10 bagger at the right price.

The Macro View

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