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The Trump White House and US stock market risk With the Volatility Index at 14, Wall Street’s pendulum of greed and fear has unquestionably tilted to fear

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Trump’s post Charlottesville remarks, the Barcelona terrorist attacks and Cisco’s results unnerved the US stock market bulls last week. Friday was a surreal moment in the history of Wall Street. It was entirely rational for traders on the New York Stock Exchange floor to cheer and the Dow Jones Index rise 150 points when news broke that Trump had fired his alt-right, white nationalist chief strategist Steve Bannon. Bannon is a populist, an economic nationalist committed to a trade war with China, an advocate of the failed border adjustment tax and the arch foe of National Economic Council head Gary Cohn, an ex-Goldman Sachs President, key to Trump’s tax reform agenda. After Charlottesville, Bannon became an instant liability for the Trump White House. His departure reinforces the authority of General John Kelly, the new chief of staff and the globalists in the White House, led by Gary Cohn. After all, rumours that Cohn would resign in response to Trump’s New York press conference were a major factor behind Thursday’s 274 point plunge in the Dow. The financial markets detest uncertainty and the Trump White House, sadly, defines political chaos.

The Macro View

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