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Wilderness: is there a change on the way? Could we see wild elephants returning to Europe? Martin Hole discusses a return to 'nature'

The Farmer

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All property is environment. To begin with, and before man’s interference, it is a wholly natural tableau, but as we bend it to our will true wilderness loses out. Landscape cover of farming, forestry and urban development in the UK affects more than three quarters of the total area, according to the Natural Environment Research Council. The remaining quarter is mainly mountains and moorlands, usually grazed, or broadleaved woodland, only small pockets of which are not determined by man in some way. Pristine natural habitats can be argued to be nearly non-existent, at best isolated fragments in a sea of human land use.

The Farmer

About Martin Hole

Martin Hole

Martin Hole farms at Montague on the wetlands of the Pevensey Levels in East Sussex. Part family-owned and part rented, the 300ha organic enterprise provides a home to about 150 cattle and nearly 2,000 head of sheep, with a small diversification into residential property and a fledgling green tourism business. A former RSPB UK Lapwing Champion, Martin remains fascinated by the provision of wilderness whilst trying to keep the farm intact for three daughters.

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