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Invest today in tomorrow's classic cars

There is no guaranteed profit in investing in classic cars and there can be substantial medium-term losses if the purchase takes place at the particular model’s apex of desirability, as we have seen at the classic car auctions over the last twelve months where very highly estimated lots have been failing to reach anywhere near their reserve price. If you would like to invest in classic cars with a low exposure to market judders and changing sentiment, I recommend buying tomorrows classics. These... Read More >

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On Commission The returns on most investments are purely financial.  But some investments have other rewards.
The returns on most investments are purely financial.But some investments have other rewards. Buying art, for instance, offers the chance not only to anticipate what is going to do well, but to exercise your taste, look for something you Read More >
Engagement Rings Part 1 How an ad campaign changed everything
Today, one cannot mention an engagement without a clamour of requests to see “the ring”. A purchase many grooms-to-be find formidable and confusing.  There’s the cut, colour, clarity and carats to consider: the famous 4 C’s. The Read More >
‘X’ marks the spot – Where to find today’s gold to fund our ships The influx of new money created a surge in new orders for vessels being placed
There is a natural interest in the maritime industry. As children we enjoyed the adventures of walking the plank, playing battle ships and imagining the gold to be found from sunken treasure. This childhood passion of risk and reward still holds Read More >
Vintage watches: cashing in on time The success of the automatic watch is largely attributed to its ease of use
Since the rotating of shadows around rudimentary sticks planted in the ground, man has had an affinity for plotting the course of time. Different mechanisms, from sundials to pendulums and grandfather clocks, had their day before a quantum leap Read More >
Royal Ascot 2018 Five days of compelling action on the Ascot Racecourse as told by a racehorse trainer
Rolling and rushing and careering and smiling and pushing and shoving a little. The helter skelter tumble off the top of the stands to greet a winner. To secure that spot beside the Winner's Enclosure. To raise a hat or doff a cap. To applaud and Read More >
The Epsom Derby The ultimate test of the Classic generation.
Towards the end of the eighteenth century, some wise folk wandered to the top of a Surrey hill and surveyed a helter skelter landscape of downland turf. There are quite a lot of flat bits across this gilded island of ours, but the wise and worthy Read More >
Books as Investments Buying books you admire is a form of investing in your own enjoyment
Investing is usually a matter of judgment as well as calculation. What will do well, and what will do best over the period you envisage?  Investing in books -- or art of any kind -- includes this element, but it also includes intrinsic interest, Read More >
The brutal unpredictability of sport Horse racing is not about petty politics and in-fighting, but is actually about sport
Sport. The very fine margins. The difference between winning and losing. The moments that define a career. The moments that define a life. There has been an awful lot of talk recently about FOBT's. About levels of prize money. About fighting Read More >
An offer you cannot refuse Investing in art deco
In today’s fluctuating markets, investors scour for low risk, high return opportunities. These are few and far between, the most reliable being natural resources and bricks and mortar, which themselves can be subject to uncertainty. For the Read More >
The Iroquois Steeplechase Ascot is caviar and champagne, Nashville is southern fried chicken, coleslaw and Jack D
The second Saturday of May. Percy Warner Park. First race due off at 1.00pm. By which time a huge crowd will have assembled. The infield strewn with vast pick up trucks, parties of young men and Southern Belles dressed to impress, seersucker Read More >
The 2000 Guineas experience George Baker recalls his Newmarket experience ahead of the first Classic of the season
I have never done it before. I doubt I will ever do it again. I hope I might. But I have seen many 2000 Guineas fields stream towards me up the Rowley Mile, and this was the only time. So far. The only time that I have found myself applauding the Read More >
The trials and tribulations of owning horses A personal narrative of man and equine through the seasons
Dawn no more than a sliver of grey light on the distant horizon. Darkness not going down without a fight. Shadows flickering hither and thither across the stable yard. Feeding done. Water buckets to fill. Ice on the ground. Puddles picked out in Read More >
The Grand National Experience A personal look back at the Grand National over the years
Grand National morning. Christmas, Easter, the first day of the summer holidays. All rolled into one for me. Butterflies. Many a time have I been at Aintree shortly after dawn on National morning. Dew on the ground. Horses pulling out for a Read More >
The finance of football A commercial look at The Premier League
Welcome to my sport column – An occasional look at various commercial sides of the sports industry which ultimately deliver the live events we enjoy. The Premier League is the single most valuable cog in the sports industry in the UK and it Read More >
What Will be the First $1 Billion Painting? Picasso, Cézanne, Pollock, Rothko or Basquiat?
The answer is none of them... or for that matter, any of the other big names that have been filling the front pages of The Art Newspaper, The Telegraph or the New York Times for the last generation or two. Any art buyer or investor would be Read More >
An investment of the heart Advice for investing in a classic car
One of the first questions we are always asked by new bidders at an auction is, ‘will it make me money?’ Our answer? The infuriatingly mercurial, ‘perhaps.’ Choosing a classic or collectors’ car is a deeply personal process, and for Read More >
Horses jumping over fence Towcester: a charming but challenged racecourse What might the future hold for this independent racecourse?
This is the last in a series of four articles on the history of British racecourses and their struggle for economic prosperity. It focuses on Towcester - an independent, and a prime example of the diversity of British racecourses which add Read More >
Horseracing Newmarket: the headquarters of British racing How the growth of commercial joint ventures is promoting the sport's financial well-being
This is the third in a series of four articles on the history of British racecourses and their struggle for economic prosperity. It focuses on Newmarket – the headquarters of British racing – and the growth of commercial joint ventures in Read More >
Horseracing Lingfield Park and the struggle for modern economic prosperity The second in a series of articles on the history of British racecourses
This is the second in a series of articles on the history of British racecourses and their struggle for modern economic prosperity. It focuses on one of Arena Leisure’s premier dual surface courses. Lingfield Park, a 450 acre estate set in a Read More >
Horseracing The history and economics of British racecourses David Hill begins his series on the status of the horseracing industry
This is the first in a series of four articles on the history of British racecourses providing a context for the existing economic status of the industry. The recent legislation that all betting operators including online companies based Read More >


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