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No such thing as virtual real estate

We live in a world of virtual reality: virtual conversations, virtual relationships, virtual work, and virtual leisure. Artificial intelligence is on a mission to replace us all with avatars: bright, shiny versions of ourselves. Central banks have been busy creating a virtual financial world, comprising virtual balance sheets, virtual creditworthiness, and virtual financial asset prices. […]

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The hidden cost of buying stuff

This article was originally published in March 2020. Many of us are guilty of equating status, success and ultimately happiness, with material possessions. Even if, like me, you make a conscious effort to avoid such associations, most of us tend to go through life accumulating a lot more stuff than we need. Take clothes. I […]

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David Baddiel is wrong – anyone should be able to play Jews

David Baddiel’s polemic Jews Don’t Count has proved surprisingly controversial. He seems to have gone out of his way to rile political opponents – mostly antisemites, and their enablers and apologists. Rightly so. There will never be a surplus of books lambasting antisemitic hatred or hypocrisy among the darker corners of the political left, which – […]

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Your real estate qualifications may just have become more valuable

Private real estate partnerships tend to outperform institutional real estate investments by a significant margin for several reasons. First, they include a greater proportion of higher risk investments and value-add opportunities while institutional investors mostly buy seasoned and highly occupied properties with less upside. Second, the private investors use more leverage while institutional investors often […]

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Reflecting on communism after 103 years

This article was originally published in November 2020. November 7th marked the 103rd anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, where communist revolutionaries overthrew the czarist government of Russia, eventually leading to the establishment of the Soviet Union. From there, communism would spread throughout the world with the promise of liberating the working class and establishing a […]

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The difference between copper and cucumbers

David Attenborough, a well-known BBC film presenter and climate activist, has a fantastic quote about growth and economists. It’s so captivating that I suspect it lies at the foundation for ridiculing every sensible environmental comment by economists. The quote reads: “Anyone who thinks that you can have infinite growth in a finite environment is either […]

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