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April 2019

‘Timing is everything’ runs the investment cliché – actually it’s not: being right is better. In any event, spare a thought for the writer of this investment review who has been told that it must be in final form by 27 March. Of all ridiculous deadlines, this must rate with ‘the future of the British […]

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Ruffer Investment Review The purpose of this review is to present a balance between the acknowledgement that we have let people down in 2018, and to state that we are fully prepared for the battles ahead – which we are.

“I thought you chaps at Ruffer said that you’d never lose money for me – what’s gone wrong?” The weakness in markets reflects the passing of an inflexion point of mood: from a sensation that we’ve been living through extremely benign investment conditions, and that now we have moved into a much harsher environment. We […]

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Triple B or not triple B? That is the question… Growing risks in corporate debt markets spell big trouble – and big opportunities

For income-hungry investors that have hoovered-up corporate debt in recent years, this really matters. Call me nostalgic, but investment grade (IG) credit just isn’t what it used to be. Theoretically, IG bonds and borrowers are highly unlikely to default. In practice… well, we all remember those triple-A mortgage backed securities during the credit crunch, don’t […]

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