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Letter from Washington The latest insider updates from our Washington contact

“U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Venezuela’s Oil Industry.”  Last night’s Wall Street Journal article led with: The U.S. imposed sanctions (Treasury’s press release) on Venezuela’s state-owned oil giant in a dramatic move designed to empower the opposition and cripple the government of President Nicolás Maduro by preventing the proceeds of U.S. crude sales returning to Caracas. […]

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Letter from Washington The latest insights from our Washington Insider

“Trump team weighs surprise tariff cut in hopes of securing China trade deal.”  Last night’s Washington Post article led with: The Trump administration is considering eliminating tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese imports to spur progress toward a trade deal, less than two weeks before a high-level delegation from Beijing is scheduled to arrive […]

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Letter from Washington Updates from our Washington Insider

President Trump’s schedule (EST): 11:30 AM:  Meets with the House Problem Solvers Caucus; 1:00 PM:  Has lunch with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; and 2:15 PM:  Signs S.24, the “Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019,”  requiring retroactive compensation for furloughed and other unpaid federal workers. Russia sanctions resolution test vote fell 2 short of […]

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Letter from Washington Insider updates from Washington

President Trump’s schedule (EST): 2:30 PM:  Hosts a roundtable discussion on border security and safe communities with state, local and community leaders at the White House. The House will pass an Interior-Environment appropriation, H.R.266, and the Senate’s federal pay restoration bill, S.24, before leaving town early this afternoon.  The Senate remains paralyzed as Democrats block any […]

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