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What can the government do to help female entrepreneurs? A third of female entrepreneurs think their gender has been a hindrance to scaling up

When there is an obvious problem that needs fixing – and even when there isn’t – politicians relish rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. Sometimes it works: gold-plating EU requirements for maternity and parental leave, for instance. Other times, such as the new pay gap reporting measures, it doesn’t. Rather than discussing the gender […]

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To solve the cost of living crisis, we must rethink business taxes The burden of business tax falls on workers in lower wages, and consumers in higher prices

Many shops on the high street are struggling to make a profit and business rates are widely identified as one of the main causes of this slump. On Monday, Paul Johnson, the head of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, joined the debate. In a column for The Times, he rightly pointed out that that there […]

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