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What’s the point of an office?

This article was originally published in October 2020. In order to rethink our working spaces effectively, we must consider new priorities. “The office is dead!” some headlines have proclaimed. “What’s the point of an office anyway?” others have asked. Are these bold claims an exaggeration or, at the very least, premature? Despite recent enforced home-working, […]

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Global asset markets: sink or swim

Floating on a sea of money, will asset prices eventually sink – or make landfall on the solid ground of economic recovery? Global equity markets have performed pretty well in the year to date, even as the world’s major economies are only slowly rebooting from Covid-19. Over the eight months to late August, as we […]

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Hold on until the second half of 2021

Here at CBRE Global Investors we are knee-deep in our semi-annual ‘global house views’ process, where we update all our real assets forecasts, risk-adjusted returns, model portfolios and preferred strategies. In the pre-covid days, the process started with a comprehensive set of national to sub-market macro-economic forecasts. But now, we have to start with a […]

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The CDC’s deadly data sins

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has long collected and disseminated data on vitality and health. But why is its data dissemination so terminally ill? Covid-19 has drawn the spotlight on to the internal workings and the possibilities of the CDC’s data collection and distribution efforts. This period has shown that the CDC […]

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