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Singapore REITs: Monthly analysis 

FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trusts (FTSE ST REIT Index) increased slightly from 859.68 to 865.91 (+0.72%) compared to last month’s update. Currently the Singapore REIT index is still trading with a range between 816 and 874. Yield spread (in reference to the 10-year Singapore government bond of 1.551%) continues to tighten from 4.08% to 3.809%. […]

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The REIT way to recovery in the Asia-Pacific

Extraordinary government support for REITs is boosting economies across the region. Economic recovery is beginning for most of the Asia-Pacific region, with stock markets now much more resilient in the early stages of reopening than had been predicted. It is not a completely unexpected outcome, despite the continued uncertainty regarding the development and timing of […]

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Thinking Like An Intelligent REIT Investor Is the thrill of victory worth the agony of defeat?

In 2016, my co-author and I decided to publish a book called The Intelligent REIT Investor. The book was published just in time, as U.S. REITs were elevated to a new real estate sector in the closely watched Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), making it the 11th headline-level sector under GICS. Remember that GICS serves […]

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U.S. REITS AT A GLANCE: THE RIGHT RISKS WITH BLUE-CHIPS Being realistic about your ability and readiness to stomach big swings in the value of your investments

First, let me offer up my thanks. It’s been over a week since my introductory article appeared here, and I’ve been hearing the response was very good. I’m so grateful. Thank you.  This week I want to touch on “risk” … when investing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).  As a long-time, U.S.-based commercial real […]

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Singapore REITs #2 On top of individual REITs counters, retail investors also need to be aware of the Overall Market Sentiment by looking at the Singapore REITs Index

In my last article for The Property Chronicle, I gave an overview on: The definition REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) The reasons to invest in REITs as an alternative to physical real estate investment The Benefit and drawback on investing in REITs In this article I will discuss Singapore REITs Index. REITs Index Investors should […]

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