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Lending Smart In 2018 Where will debt providers go to out-perform?

Comparing returns, and risk, for debt markets across Europe has historically been nigh-on impossible due to a lack of data. But new research from CBRE will help existing and new lenders determine strategy from a position of greater understanding. The data show that returns vary significantly across markets, and – contrary to perceived wisdom – […]

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Future-proof healthcare An analysis of MedicX Fund, a specialist investor in primary care infrastructure in the UK and Republic of Ireland

MedicX Fund is a specialist REIT. Like its peers, Primary Health Properties and Assura, it invests in primary healthcare property, focusing on modern, purpose-built primary healthcare assets. The key features of this specialist market are long leases, strong tenant covenants, consistently high occupancy levels and, in the UK, rent reviews that are effectively upwards only. […]

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