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Robert England

After graduating from university I spent the following decade living and working between Hong Kong, Shanghai and Melbourne. During this time, I was exposed to a world of food and wine I’d never experienced back in blighty (thank you company Amex) where, truth be told, I was more concerned with where my next pint of snakebite was coming from. With the help of some very generous sommeliers and winemakers, I found myself spending the hours I should have been flogging corporate health insurance touring wine regions and filling my face with good grub and artisanal Pinot Noir until I got to the point I had to jack it all in and pursue a career in wine full time. Since then I have studied and sniffed my way through the WSET L4 Diploma becoming an Associate of the Institute of Wine and Spirits, winning the Earl of Wessex Scholarship, the LISCIO Tasting Trophy and judging at international wine competitions along the way. I now live in Lewes where I run my own business, Wine Boar, hosting tastings, dinners, selling the occasional case of Soave and writing intermittent drivel on food, booze and my other passion, sport with balls. Email: | Website:

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