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Alsace - a hidden gem

Every so often, the UK’s wine-writers are known to take a road to rebuke, whereby the drinker comes under fire for supporting/ignoring (delete as applicable) a certain type of wine that said hacks deem unacceptable. For example, the most prominent complaint currently is the ubiquity of Prosecco over better quality fizz. Why would one bother with Italy’s disposable froth, when Cava offers such a better deal? Why swerve superior French bottles of sparkling ‘crémant’ (made by the champagne... Read More >

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An Insider’s Guide to Wine Investment Last year, wine was the best-performing of all passion asset classes
To the uninitiated, wine might seem a relatively high-risk investment, but the data tells a different story. Long-term returns from wine investment can be very good, in fact. Last year, wine was the best-performing of all passion asset classes. Read More >
‘En Primeur’ claret – the end of the line? There’s no doubt that Bordeaux still remains at the vinous summit
If the title looks vaguely familiar…well, yes, it is indeed exactly the same ‘headline’ as the last article, where we set the scene for the launch of the latest vintage from our friends in the Gironde. One had been prepared to unleash Read More >
Bordeaux’s Own Goal A look back at the 2017 Bordeaux en primeur campaign
Following on from '28 Days Later', this report looks back at the 2017 Bordeaux en primeur campaign, which came to a close at the end of June. For reasons which will become apparent as you read, this article of recommendations is somewhat shorter Read More >
En primeur’ claret – the end of the line? Buy now for a good trade or buy later and pay a bit more
It was just over a month ago that the not inconsiderable bulk of the world’s wine trade descended into the French province of Aquitaine. It’s become an annual migration (more promenade than stampede), as Bordeaux’s most recent vintage, Read More >
28 days later Evaluating the future quality of the 2017 Bordeaux vintage
Four weeks ago, in our first guest post, I was about to head to Bordeaux, with founder and CEO, Nick Martin. We promised to report back with our views on what’s hot and what’s not. Et voilà… For six days in early April, Read More >
Wine Owners, The Fine Wine Market & En Primeur Purchasing A look into wisely investing in wine
Wine Owners ( is doing for wine collectors what the iPod did for music lovers twenty years ago. It immediately simplifies life for those looking to build a wine collection, or to efficiently manage an existing collection. The Read More >
Elegance over power Wine retailers tell of requests for finesse rather than density
Robert Parker. For years, the wine trade was in thrall to this most influential of wine journalists. If you were a ‘vigneron’, his score out of 100 could make or break your bottle; similarly, if you were a merchant, those same points might be Read More >
Styles of Dry Sherry Finding your style of sherry
Now, we’ve got the (potentially dry) production process out of the way we can look at the main styles of true, definitely dry Sherry sometimes referred to as Vinos Generosos.  It’s worth noting that most wines labelled Amontillado and Read More >
Sherry Production Explained The process of making sherry
Following on from last week’s introduction, we’re now going to have a look at how the drink is made. The production of Sherry is fairly technical so what follows is a very simplified version of events, if you can believe it. If you happen Read More >
Sherry, Withnail? Why this year really should be the year of Sherry
For the past several years, without fail, various trade magazines, in partnership with some think-tank or another, have boldly predicted the coming 12 months to be “The Year of Sherry”. They point to Majestic Wine recording a 25% increase in Read More >
Barbarians at the Gate? The latest evolution of the Burgundy region
The red wine that comes from the Grand Cru vineyard of Clos de Tart might not be at the top of every Burgundy-lover’s wish-list - that accolade probably belongs to the fabled Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. And if one had to conjure an image that Read More >
6 Nations Tasting Notes An oenological look at the opening weekend's games
Introduction Welcome to my wine column where I’ll be taking a look at all things oenological.  Here, you’ll find information on the latest trends and gadgets, investment advice, the places to visit and how to get the most out of your Read More >


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