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We need to talk about storage

Warehousing is a rapidly growing requirement, and we must find more space to accommodate it within the urban fabric. Much has been written about how the retail and office sectors are being transformed by the sudden acceleration in e-commerce and remote working, but a more modest asset class undergoing its own disruption has received scant […]

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Is Istanbul closing in on itself?

My first visit to Istanbul was part of an architectural tour while studying at the Architectural Association. We were ably led by my tutor, Mark Prizeman, who was a founding member of the avant-garde architectural group NATO (which stood for Narrative Architecture Today). NATO took a serious although somewhat anarchic view of architecture so our […]

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Cardboard Architecture Rebuilding a cathedral with natural resources

This piece is written from ‘Fiddlesticks’, one of the busier bars in Christchurch, New Zealand, having visited a remarkable building today: the Transitional Cathedral, also known as the ‘Cardboard Cathedral’. I wasn’t sure what to expect to find as Christchurch continues to rebuild after the devastating earthquake in February 2011, and there is extra poignancy as […]

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