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The mortgage struggles of HNWIs

You might be surprised to hear that when it comes to applying for debt, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) find themselves at an immediate disadvantage. This stems from the inherent complexity of their income structures and finances. There is a general saying that the wealthier an individual, the more complicated their finances typically are. Based […]

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The UK debt ‘problem’? Calm down, dears

This article was originally published in February 2021. Standing at close to £759bn, the ‘stock’ of UK state debt acquired by the Bank of England on behalf of the state is not merely a considerable number but, to many, a monetary time-bomb. Indeed, I am often challenged with the question: when the Bank of England […]

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More than a safari – real estate investments in Africa

“We don’t know what we don’t know,” as Donald Rumsfeld once said when asked whether intelligence gathered had been shared adequately across the US intelligence community. Applied to the economies of Africa, the meaning goes even deeper, since there appears to be a lack of economic intelligence on top of insufficient dissemination. In 2009 the […]

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The economics of Megxit

I’m sure you have your mind on higher things than the soapier side of the royal family, but I love it. I have a collection of commemorative china, my mum’s knitting me a copy of one of Princess Diana’s jumpers, I cried at Meghan and Harry’s wedding, and of course I was glued to their […]

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Dirty deeds, done cheap – is Germany failing at public works?

With its resurrection following the Second World War and the unification of East and West, Germany has had a remarkable journey over the past 75 years. In particular its stable and reliable public service has been a model for others. This has been reflected in consistently high marks when it comes to government effectiveness perceptions […]

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