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Quantitative easing risks breaking our belief in money itself

Blair and Brown presided over unprecedented growth in our banking sector with their ‘light touch’ regulations. The result was the creation of mammoth banks, systemically critical, but fundamentally flawed. When the credit crunch hit in 2008, there was no option but to bail out these same banks. They went about this task by taking them […]

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Affordable housing is a myth

It worsens the housing crisis – but there is a fix. The UK’s housing crisis hardly requires an introduction. It affects people across the housing spectrum – from leaseholders stuck with flammable cladding to tenants in overcrowded housing.  The past decade has seen a 141% increase in rough sleeping. And the National Housing Federation puts the estimate for council housing waiting lists at 3.8 million […]

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Interest rates and REITs – how do they relate?

Originally published March 2021. Plus, reassessing the relationship between UK interest rates and REITs. This article was originally published in June 2019. The perceived wisdom has always been that reducing, and indeed low, UK interest rates are good for real estate in general. Equally, UK real estate investment trusts (REITs) (with their high dividend pay-out […]

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The climate transition risk premium for real estate

The case of the London and Paris office markets. While the global framework of the Paris Accord is gradually being incorporated into national laws in Europe, incentives for property investors to take part in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are growing. Non-compliance with the new regulations represents a risk for investors to see their […]

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