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An interview with Frankie Whitehead

Tim Green talks to Frankie Whitehead, finance director of Tritax Big Box REIT. Frankie Whitehead has been with Tritax for seven years, having joined the company shortly after the IPO of Tritax Big Box. A lot has changed in that time, including the logistics asset class establishing itself as a true subsector of the commercial […]

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The resilience of real estate

Offices are starting to strengthen, and reduced supply is making even retail more attractive – as value emerges, it’s time to get back in the game. The UK quoted property sector and indeed much of the direct property market has not had the greatest start to the year. Mitigating circumstances of course, but the quoted […]

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The failure of Imperial College modelling is far worse than we knew

A fascinating exchange played out in the UK’s House of Lords on 2 June 2020. Neil Ferguson, the physicist from Imperial College London who created the main epidemiology model behind the lockdowns, faced his first serious questioning about the predictive performance of his work. Ferguson predicted catastrophic death tolls back on 16 March 2020 unless […]

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How railways helped change the economy of Britain and the consumption habits of its people The development of rail links meant greater uniformity throughout the country

The railways made a rapid impact on Britain. It was only in 1830 that inter-city rail travel started with the link between Liverpool and Manchester, but by 1840, they, and the other four largest English cities (Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Bristol), were all linked to London. Trains offered substantial savings in time and comfort over […]

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What next, if anything, for Credit Suisse?

Markets were shaken but unstirred by the collapse of Greensill and the Archegos unwind trades. Credit Suisse is the ultimate loser of the two scandals – reputationally damaged and holed below the water line. The bank is paying the price of years of flawed management, poor risk awareness, and its self-belief that it was still […]

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Opening up flights and the UK economy

Limitations to our flight movements due to the pandemic remain frustrating, but unrestricted personal air travel will have to resume. When it does, the eurozone’s tourist-hungry Club Med economies will have essentially lost two years of important hard-currency earnings. On top of such an unhelpful financial legacy, they potentially face strong recovery headwinds; up against […]

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