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Reports of the green belt’s death are greatly exaggerated The current planning system was designed for cities to shrink in population, not to increase

As the “news” breaks that perhaps nearly one per cent of the enormous green belt surrounding London has been allocated for 200,000 homes, let us ask: who benefits? News of potential green belt encroachment is the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s best recruiting tool. There is no mystery here. The story was seeded by the […]

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Time to dispel the Green Belt myths and get Britain building Much of what is designated 'Green Belt' is not very green at all

If the Government ever wants to solve the housing crisis, they need to step up and dispel the Green Belt myth that has become so entrenched within the British psyche. The romanticised notion of a “green and pleasant land” is strangling our cities and preventing the much-needed supply of houses. That’s right. The time has […]

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