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Litter is plaguing the British countryside and its farmers Fly tipping costs the county approximately £1.8 million, not including the work done by farmers

Kent is a beautiful county. Some of our residents and visitors do not deserve such beauty. Like most counties, Kent is plagued with litter on its roadsides. Well done to the cleaning up department of KCC as much of the rubbish dumped, thrown and deposited in the winter months has been cleared away but now […]

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Brexit and UK Agriculture Agriculture remains central to the whole raison d’etre of the European Union

Whilst the politically embarrassing butter mountains and wine lakes of the 1980s have been consigned to the history books, agriculture remains central to the whole raison d’etre of the European Union. Indeed, it remains one of the few policy areas on the Continent where most of the decisions are not made by national governments, but […]

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Cultural absurdity is no longer a joke It is not financially viable without a clearer and much longer term subsidy system

Nature conservation on England’s farms has never been so important. While all biological measures are continuing to reflect drastic declines of almost all species, money is only available on a short term basis in a complex changing politic. Annual measures undertaken by farmers within cropped areas can only be a part of any solution. There […]

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