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Litter is plaguing the British countryside and its farmers Fly tipping costs the county approximately £1.8 million, not including the work done by farmers

The Farmer

Kent is a beautiful county. Some of our residents and visitors do not deserve such beauty. Like most counties, Kent is plagued with litter on its roadsides. Well done to the cleaning up department of KCC as much of the rubbish dumped, thrown and deposited in the winter months has been cleared away but now a new invasion of summer ‘chuckers’ have appeared. What a sad mentality man doth have. Throw rubbish out of the window and expect others to pick it up. My brother blames the dustbin lorries allowing rubbish to blow as they drive up the highways. Perhaps a small degree of waste escapes that way but authorities would have clamped down on their employees long ago. No, it is the sheer, lazy cussedness of drivers and passengers in cars, vans and lorries. I saw an empty sandwich packet ‘missiled’ from the nearside window of a white flat-back van recently. Should l toot vigorously? Do l take the van’s number? Will l gesticulate firmly at the next halt? Whimpishly, l did nothing and the lout lived to ‘throw’ another day.

The Farmer

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Nigel Wheeler

Nigel Wheeler was born into a hop and fruit growing Kentish family. He served as a schoolmaster in UK and New Zealand. He is a former magistrate and High Sheriff of Kent. He is an avid follower of sport, theatre and fine ale.

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