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What having a baby has taught me about GDP Traditional GDP measurement cannot capture the value of the sharing economy

Like many dads-to-be, I’ve been thinking about GDP a lot recently. The arrival of a new human means acquiring all sorts of stuff. I quietly grimaced on finding out we should expect to spend about £1,000 on new baby clobber, a figure presumably based on buying everything new. Thankfully, the wonders of the digital economy […]

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Britain has the chance to lead the world in AI. Will we take it? Britain's AI scene is messy. But that could be an advantage

The government announced a “sector deal” for the artificial intelligence industry today, which it says is worth £1 billion. About a third of that comes in the form of public funding and a third from new private sector investment, the rest being a mixture of expansions and in-kind contributions. Matt Hancock, the congenitally connected culture secretary, says: […]

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