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Franco-German dreams of European integration are on the rocks France and Germany try to go it alone - and smaller EU states fear a stitch-up

While all eyes were on Davos this week, the German and French governments were having an altogether more significant pow-wow in the western German city of Aachen. It was in the same place, once Charlemagne’s capital city, that Emmanuel Macron received, appropriately enough, the Charlemagne Prize for his work in the service of European unity. […]

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Lending Smart In 2018 Where will debt providers go to out-perform?

Comparing returns, and risk, for debt markets across Europe has historically been nigh-on impossible due to a lack of data. But new research from CBRE will help existing and new lenders determine strategy from a position of greater understanding. The data show that returns vary significantly across markets, and – contrary to perceived wisdom – […]

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Euro property investor Belgian office accommodation, the challenges for businesses in France and why the Germans are not always more efficient

Pile of euro coins on a chart

I have been active in the European real estate markets for over 30 years with a focus on the more liquid north-western countries. I have worked for agencies (Knight Frank and CBRE), an accountancy practice (Touche Ross) and investment banks Lazard Brothers and Citigroup. Nearly 14 years ago I set up Rynda Property Investors as […]

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