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It takes a village

Communities, whether they are villages, farms or even flocks of sheep, work best when they work together. Late last Sunday night a 6ft 6in tall policeman carrying a machine gun came to the farmhouse door. I had responded to a cry for help from our neighbour concerning some “wild shooting” out on the marsh by […]

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Volatility to Explain High Historical Farmland Returns A look back over 30 years of increased farmland returns

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 9th MAY 2018 Introduction – the danger of being a farmer at MBA school (or at a dinner party) MBA schools characterise farming as a commodity industry, subject to negative weather events and low returns. Farmers are often told at dinner parties that farming: is a low return asset class which produces […]

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What Agriculture fits with future Environmental needs? Vertical farms and if a worthy use of public money

The construction of the World’s largest vertical farm, in Dubai, was recently announced. Effectively a high tech, multi-storied urban greenhouse, once built it will produce 2.5 tonnes of leafy greens a day, use no soil, and only 1% of the water and chemicals required if the crops were grown conventionally. It will use photovoltaics to […]

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Cultural absurdity is no longer a joke It is not financially viable without a clearer and much longer term subsidy system

Nature conservation on England’s farms has never been so important. While all biological measures are continuing to reflect drastic declines of almost all species, money is only available on a short term basis in a complex changing politic. Annual measures undertaken by farmers within cropped areas can only be a part of any solution. There […]

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Australian dairy farms – the bull run is on How has Australian dairy farming come of age?

The global agricultural investment spotlight has moved ‘down under’ and is fixed firmly on the Australian dairy farm sector. Long overlooked as the ‘poor cousin’ of the agricultural sector, Australian dairy is now coming of age. Cattle stations, broad-acre cropping properties, wool and lamb-producing grazing properties and permanent row crops like citrus and almond orchards have been […]

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