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US regime change – what does it mean for real estate?

Historically, political party control of the US government has not had much bearing on investment performance of commercial real estate. However, NCREIF data (since its 1978 inception) shows that Democratic administrations produced somewhat stronger 10.4% average total returns on US institutionally owned property, while Republican administrations produced 8.6%.1 With Democrats ushering in a victory on […]

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Construction as an engine for growth

The global economy is facing years of uncertainty. The UN has warned of a lost decade as the scarring effects on the economy of covid-19 are worked through. Investors, government and the public sector need to come together to tackle this economic fallout. And there are few easier ways to kick-start economic growth than construction […]

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Confessions of a valuer, chapter 4: Luncheon vouchers and love

In this very special series of exclusive articles for the Property Chronicle, Australian property legend Norman Harker reflects on his extraordinary 50-year life in real estate. He will pull no punches partly because, as he freely admits, Norman has a limited life expectancy of five years from December 2018 due to a diagnosed terminal blood […]

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Big themes for 2021

Each one of these trends is underpinned by a higher weighting afforded to individual needs, preferences and experiences – meaning that real estate developers and landlords can no longer take a cookie-cutter approach. Environment Environmental issues have been rising up the real estate agenda for some time, and rightly so. While the pandemic has focused […]

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The future of the office

I yield to no one in my admiration for the office as a social centre, but it’s no place actually to get any work done. – Katharine Whitehorn, View from a Column (1981) The king is dead; long live the king. The dominance of centralised office space as the lynchpin of our working environment has […]

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Grandma’s groceries

Consumers won’t turn back from e-commerce now – so what do institutional investors need to know about the logistics property market? The influence of e-commerce on the daily life of many Americans became clear to me when my 92-year-old mother was able to identify what grocery items arrived at her home by the logo on […]

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