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Boosted and bent out of shape

Governments and central banks have had to resort to intervention on a massive scale – there will be a price to pay for the distortion caused. Consequences. It’s always about the consequences. It’s a pleasure to write something for the Property Chronicle because I can think about the long term, rather than just the short-term […]

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A new approach to risk

As the real estate industry looks to learn from the fallout of covid-19, one issue which should be at the top of the list is to recognise the glaring mathematical limitations in the traditional performance measurement models. Engineering a solution is important; as with high value thresholds and illiquidity, investment decisions cannot be easily changed […]

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Confessions of a valuer – a life in property: chapter 1

In this very special series of exclusive articles for the Property Chronicle, Australian property legend Norman Harker will reflect on his extraordinary 50-year life in real estate. He will pull no punches partly because, as he freely admits, Norman has a limited life expectancy of five years from December 2018 due to a diagnosed terminal […]

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Global asset markets: sink or swim

Floating on a sea of money, will asset prices eventually sink – or make landfall on the solid ground of economic recovery? Global equity markets have performed pretty well in the year to date, even as the world’s major economies are only slowly rebooting from Covid-19. Over the eight months to late August, as we […]

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It’s a funny story: a comic collector tells all

This article was originally published in November 2019. Pricing vintage comics isn’t just about scarcity and quality – the characters are the key to value. “Comic books to me are fairy tales for grown-ups.” So said renowned comic publisher Stan Lee in a 2014 interview. And while there is definite investment potential in comics, for many […]

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Hold on until the second half of 2021

Here at CBRE Global Investors we are knee-deep in our semi-annual ‘global house views’ process, where we update all our real assets forecasts, risk-adjusted returns, model portfolios and preferred strategies. In the pre-covid days, the process started with a comprehensive set of national to sub-market macro-economic forecasts. But now, we have to start with a […]

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