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Venezuela is a tragic reminder of why property rights matter Strong property rights give people incentives to invest, innovate and produce

Civil unrest in Venezuela has dominated headlines over the last few weeks. The Venezuelan people are protesting against the continued autocratic rule of President Nicolas Maduro. Following his sham re-election last May, during which he prevented leading opposition parties from fairly competing, most Western governments have refused to recognise Maduro’s legitimacy. But as Maduro ignores these protests […]

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Tax on immoveable property in the UK – five key questions on the recent Government announcements Alternative structures (such as REITS) will be on the agenda of many firms

1. What does the draft Finance Bill 2018/19 say about the treatment of UK property held by non-UK residents? From April 2019, gains subsequently arising on any UK property, including commercial and residential property, will be chargeable to UK tax. The existing exemption for the disposal of residential property that is diversely held will be […]

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Confiscating rogue landlords’ property: illiberal and futile The specific proposal is that local authorities should have the power to confiscate properties from those landlords.

A Commons Committee has – quite seriously – argued that an Englishman’s home should no longer be his castle. You could also describe their proposal as a return of the Star Chamber – where doing something the powers that be didn’t like ended with you forfeiting your property. The English spent a number of centuries […]

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