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Stable Doors and Gated Funds

To counter new rules on gating amid concerns over illiquidity, funds are holding higher levels of cash. But does this really make sense? As we edge towards a Brexit resolution (apologies if the big reveal has already happened by the time you read this), the institutional property investment sector is getting increasingly worried about the impact of political disruption on open-ended funds. Redemptions from open-ended property funds – which hold around £21bn of UK assets – have been flowing... Read More >

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The Brexit ‘blessing’?
In 2009, I was working at JLL when the market was still in shock after the Global Financial Crisis and everyone was looking for pointers as to the way forward. In response, JLL produced a research paper analysing what was happening in the Read More >
Auction Watch – November 2018 Down, but perhaps not as much as you would expect
More than £4bn of residential and commercial property has been sold at in-room auctions across the UK in the past 12 months. Perhaps surprisingly given the political and economic backdrop, this is down by only 11% on the same period last Read More >
Old fashioned binoculars Auction Watch – October 2018 An uncertain economic and political climate
In what is usually the busiest period in the auction calendar, last month saw only 144 auctions held across the UK - the fewest number recorded in a September since 2006 (142). This had an obvious and marked effect on the overall monthly results Read More >
Auction Watch – September 2018 Residential lots saw increases of 21% on last year
As is usually the case, a large portion of the industry took a break in August, with only 51 auctions held across the UK. The auctioneers that were active enjoyed a broadly successful month, with overall lots offered and sold up 18% and 20% Read More >
Auction Watch – August 2018 High value lots still drew significant interest from bidders
Whilst July is traditionally one of the busiest months in the auction calendar, there were only 132 auctions held across the UK last month - 12 fewer than last year and 36 fewer than in July 2016.  It is perhaps no surprise then to see numbers Read More >
August auction update A look over the property auction sales for 2018
THE AUCTION MARKET IN GENERAL From reports of the property auction sales for the first 6 months of the year, there appears to be no clear pattern - conversion rates vary from sub 50% to over 70% across the country. Much is to do with managing Read More >
Auction Watch July Auction revenues dropped 24%, from £267m in June 2017 to £203m in June 2018
The market experienced a notably challenging month, with overall lots offered down 19.5% to 2,144 lots and lots sold down 23.1% to 1,498 lots. Auction revenues dropped 24%, from £267m in June 2017 to £203m in June 2018. Whilst the numbers Read More >
Auction Watch – June update The latest news from the auction world in June
The auction market bounced back in May and made gains of 7.5% and 5.8% in lots offered and lots sold respectively. The overall amount raised fell slightly, down 2% to £507m, but this was largely caused by a fall in commercial revenues. The Read More >
Auction Watch – May update Current trends in the auction market
After an encouraging start to 2018, it appears that the market has just cooled slightly, as the monthly figures below show falls across every measurable metric. Lots offered and lots sold were both down by 12% and 17% respectively, whilst the Read More >
Auction Watch – April update Current trends in the auction market
In March the highest number of lots was put under the hammer since 2008 (3,263 lots). A decade ago the economy was in the midst of a credit crunch and the auction market saw increasing numbers of repossessions and motivated vendors but fewer Read More >
Auction Watch – March update The latest headlines from the auction market
The residential auction sector has certainly gone from strength to strength recently. Ignoring the anomaly of February 2016, when there was an unprecedented spike in transactions due to the impending stamp duty changes, the residential lots Read More >
A flying start for auctions in February The latest figures and reflections on the changing world of property auctions
January is a difficult month for property auctions as there are too few to give any meaningful statistics. Indeed, in January there were just 9 auctions in the UK offering 430 lots, 316 of which found buyers. A conversion rate of 73.5% is in Read More >
Auction watch – February update The latest activity in the auction market
409 residential lots were offered in January 2018 - a 4% increase on last year (393), but the amount raised dropped by £5 million to £25 million (down 16%). There were no major commercial auctions held in January, so the 21 commercial lots Read More >
Old fashioned binoculars Auction Watch: a January update What's going on in the auction world
Welcome to Auction Watch, a new feature that looks back at auction activity in the preceding months. The overall information is courtesy of David Sandeman at the Essential Information Group, plus comments elsewhere in the property press. 2017 Read More >
Hard hats seen from above The property market appears unaffected by Brexit Why there is no cause for concern in the foreseeable future
Property auctions are renowned for reflecting the mood of the market in real time - private treaty transactions can take months from initial closure of the deal to exchange of contracts, completion and the eventual reporting in the various Read More >
Auction in progress with auctioneer and gavel Online auctions are an option not an alternative An update from the auction world
Be prepared for the seasonal nonsense from "expert analysts" about the property market "plunging" during August - about as meaningful as saying that Christmas card sale "plummet" in January! The reality is that the reduction in transactions is Read More >


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