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How overseas investment impacts developers and the UK Property Market

Summary: Will overseas investment into UK property continue at the same rate as recent years as we career towards the Brexit deadline? Our REalyst analyses the future of overseas investment into UK properties and weighs up the chances. Overseas Investment in the UK Property Market When discussing the future of the UK property market, it […]

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Millennials, your views on Brexit are not set in stone It simply isn't the case that older voters are more self-interested

Dear Millennials, I have read and watched with careful attention the complaints made by many of you, and others on your behalf, about the Brexit referendum. For two years and seven months, the internet has been awash with complaints that an older generation has “stolen your future”. Some of these complaints are thoughtful; some are […]

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Why an accidental Brexit could be the best thing for the UK Free trade Brexiteers should pin their hopes on convenience, not ideology

For months, ministers were resolute.  Britain, they insisted, must remain aligned to the rest of Europe.  It would spell ruin if we were to simply leave, they said.  And they kept on saying that, until the day we actually left. I refer not to what might happen in a few weeks’ time when Britain is scheduled to leave […]

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Beware nonsense claims about the customs union and Ireland Those claiming a customs union will solve the Irish border issue are either ignorant or disingenuous

If there is one issue that defines the muddle that the UK and its political classes have got into over Brexit, it is the customs union. An unnecessary saga is ongoing partly because it is misunderstood, often because those seeking economic continuity promote it, but primarily because opponents of separation are manipulating it. A new […]

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Brussels still refuses to face up the fiscal reality of Brexit Brexit leaves a 97 billion euro hole in the EU budget

The EU budget frenzy of (at least) one year has officially begun. Today, the European Commission, led by Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger, revealed the first proposal for the upcoming multi-annual financial framework (MFF). This budget will be being in place from 2021 to 2027, when the current budget of 2014-2020 – the last one featuring […]

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