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The Euro could well rise to 1.23 by end 2019!

The Euro has been a disaster since its birth in 1999. Its monetary pathologies led to youth unemployment rates of 50 – 60% in Greece, Spain and the Italian Mezzogiorno. It gave a trillion-dollar windfall to German exporters at the expense of the hapless Club Med and amplified Berlin’s diktat over the lands once occupied […]

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The sad story of global inflation Cycles come to an end because central banks raise interest rates to suppress inflation.

Whatever the popular story of the time, the reason that cycles come to an end is that central banks raise interest rates to suppress inflation. Initially, business and consumer confidence prevents interest rates from having an immediate effect. Later, leverage and over-expansion on two or three sectors of the economy usually cause a bigger decline […]

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The problem with central bankers’ inflation preoccupation A preoccupation with inflation deepened the last recession

In recent years, a growing number of prominent economists, including Michael Woodford, Christina Romer and Larry Summers, have switched their allegiance from inflation targeting to targeting nominal GDP, the non-inflation-adjusted sum of all spending in the economy. One of the best ways to understand the growing popularity of NGDP targeting, is to re-examine what went […]

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