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Structural polarisation is already well under way

Investors must urgently review their portfolios to ensure they are aligned with the major changes taking place – it’s happening faster than you think. It is widely acknowledged that real estate is set to see widening polarisation in performance, but the speed at which this will occur – and the consequent implications for investment strategy […]

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Triple B or not triple B? That is the question… Growing risks in corporate debt markets spell big trouble – and big opportunities

For income-hungry investors that have hoovered-up corporate debt in recent years, this really matters. Call me nostalgic, but investment grade (IG) credit just isn’t what it used to be. Theoretically, IG bonds and borrowers are highly unlikely to default. In practice… well, we all remember those triple-A mortgage backed securities during the credit crunch, don’t […]

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Millennials — different burdens to bear INVESTMENT CONCLUSION

It’s popular to group millennials together as one cohesive group and compare like-for-like. But they are a diverse bunch that share as many differences as they do similarities. Where comparisons are useful is in determining how this generation will drive future demand. After all, their contribution is largely baked into the demographic cake.  We find […]

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An Insider’s Guide to Wine Investment Last year, wine was the best-performing of all passion asset classes

To the uninitiated, wine might seem a relatively high-risk investment, but the data tells a different story. Long-term returns from wine investment can be very good, in fact. Last year, wine was the best-performing of all passion asset classes. Below, we find out why, and offer some tips for investing in wine. Compelling data. A […]

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U.S. REITS AT A GLANCE: THE RIGHT RISKS WITH BLUE-CHIPS Being realistic about your ability and readiness to stomach big swings in the value of your investments

First, let me offer up my thanks. It’s been over a week since my introductory article appeared here, and I’ve been hearing the response was very good. I’m so grateful. Thank you.  This week I want to touch on “risk” … when investing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).  As a long-time, U.S.-based commercial real […]

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Investing in Polish Commercial Property 2 Poland is a robust growing economy, and a property market which offeres a very significant yield gap

Since the peak of the property cycle in 2007, First Property Group plc has grown its net asset value at an annualised rate of some 25% per annum and either maintained or increased its dividend payouts each year. Most property companies either went bust or had to raise additional equity capital to survive this period. […]

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Investing in Polish Commercial Property 1 Successfully navigating the Polish property investment market: Part 1

My company, First Property Group plc, is an active investor in Poland, having commenced our operations there shortly after it joined the EU in 2004. Not many investors have successfully navigated the Polish property investment proposition. In a short series of articles I intend to set out some of the key aspects of doing business […]

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