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Investing in Polish Commercial Property 3 Lessons learnt from first-time investments in Poland

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2018 In my last article I set out my company’s broad approach to investing in commercial property and in Poland in particular. I thought it might be interesting for anyone considering investing in Poland to hear about one of our first investments there, a near disaster, and the lesson we learnt.  […]

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Investing in Polish Commercial Property 2 Poland is a robust growing economy, and a property market which offeres a very significant yield gap

Since the peak of the property cycle in 2007, First Property Group plc has grown its net asset value at an annualised rate of some 25% per annum and either maintained or increased its dividend payouts each year. Most property companies either went bust or had to raise additional equity capital to survive this period. […]

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Investing in Polish Commercial Property 1 Successfully navigating the Polish property investment market: Part 1

My company, First Property Group plc, is an active investor in Poland, having commenced our operations there shortly after it joined the EU in 2004. Not many investors have successfully navigated the Polish property investment proposition. In a short series of articles I intend to set out some of the key aspects of doing business […]

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