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Queensberry Rules of boxing: OK or KO? How the Queensberry Rules transformed bareknuckle fighting

ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED APRIL 2018 John Shotto Douglas, the ninth Marquess of Queensberry, has two major claims to fame. First he was the nemesis of gay author Oscar Wilde who sued him for libel after he had publicly objected to the liaison that Wilde had with his son Lord Alfred Douglas. The suit was dropped […]

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The brutal unpredictability of sport Horse racing is not about petty politics and in-fighting, but is actually about sport

Sport. The very fine margins. The difference between winning and losing. The moments that define a career. The moments that define a life. There has been an awful lot of talk recently about FOBT’s. About levels of prize money. About fighting in the bars, and fighting on the lawns. About a crisis within BHA Towers. […]

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