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The government is ignoring popular, easy fixes to the housing crisis The only way to fix the housing crisis is to make house building popular with local people

Blurred photograph of crowds walking through London

Horrified passengers suddenly realize their boat has a leak. They frantically start to paddle it with their hands towards a distant shore. The engine and sail sit ignored and unused. Meanwhile, someone at the stern refuses to raise the anchor. Theresa May’s announcement of new housing policies today has something of that feel. No-one can […]

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The View from Berkeley Square Robert Fowlds, one of the City's biggest real estate rainmakers, looks at Brexit and the global real estate listed markets from his perch high above Berkeley Square

Skyscraper viewed from street level

The West End has been a joy to drive around this Easter as half of London (and most of the property industry) has been away! As well as being able to secure reservations in some fine restaurants, it has also provided some time to reflect… On Brexit I get asked every day what the major […]

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