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Skipping town

A future with less need to commute is making country life more feasible, and rural estate agents’ phones are ringing off the hook. “At the beginning of the plague, when there was now no more hope but that the whole city would be visited; when all that had friends or estates in the country retired […]

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America heads for home

US home sales are soaring, and even renters now favour suburban units with ample space for home-working. Should urban landlords be worried? A growing trend in the US housing market is the search for more space, light and air. It is evidenced by increased US home-buying numbers as well as early indications of the success […]

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Housing value worldwide: what’s happening?

Considering that the present crisis is likely to burst inflated bubbles, it’s especially relevant to look at overvalued assets now. The first chart below compares the current housing market in various countries around the world. Using data from the OECD Economic Outlook, I estimated how much housing is overvalued in terms of house prices relative […]

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What are volumes in Prime Central London residential property telling us? Land Registry data for The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea shows a good proxy for PCL volumes

Those of you that have invested in the equity markets might remember the late Richard Crossley. Prior to his untimely death almost seven years ago, Richard was an “old school” technical analyst; always at his desk by 6.30am, he spent the morning pouring over hundreds of charts. This rigorous discipline, he used to tell me, […]

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