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The opportunity for developers in the golf industry

In our first article we set down how golf courses had developed in the British Isles over the last 120 years: they originally developed in suburban locations on ideal land morphed into mini greenbelts as conurbations developed around and beyond these green lungs. The second wave of building in late 20th century has both been dislocated from local conurbations and designed and constructed on poorer land with less attention to market need and detailed excellence. Golf now is too often a one trick... Read More >

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Shacks in the favelas, in Sao Paulo, Brazil Property rights would stop the favelas from burning Why the legal protection of property rights needs to be considered in Sao Paulo
We all know the first and most basic lesson of economics: incentives matter. This is surely why, as a new investigation by The Guardian has revealed, fires in the favelas of Sao Paulo are happening where land values are greater. It’s true, Read More >
South east UK displayed on map Stamp duty, mobility and the housing crisis How replacing stamp duty with better-designed local taxes could alleviate the crisis of housing availability
The stamp duty — a tax to be paid on the transfer of certain legal documents — has a long history in England. It was first introduced in 1694 to help finance the war against France. Although initially thought as a temporary solution, the tax Read More >
Person taking notes at a business meeting Why choose mediation? Mark Jackson-Stops explains how mediation can result in the best outcome for everyone
This is the first of what we intend to be a regular offering of problem solving scenarios from our panel of mediators. When I first started out as a full time mediator in 1995, my previous career as a Chartered Surveyor stood me in good Read More >
Close-up of golf ball with club during sunset The UK golf market: historic and present day position for residential real estate Is property development an answer to golf's headaches?
The old paradigm of an 18 hole golf course providing sufficient content to sustain an interesting and vigorous club can now be seen as out of time, out of tune and out of favour. Life has quickened, family time is precious and parents Read More >
Person taking notes at a business meeting Putting a price on place The human and financial impact of placemaking
Placemaking has long been the buzzword of the real estate world, but aside from the anecdotal benefits it has often been hard to measure the tangible advantages, that is, until now. Looking at 11 global placemaking initiatives in the UK, Read More >
Tug of war with hands pulling rope in opposite directions Blue or red – now it matters Why the swing towards socialism cannot last
For some 30 years, since the implicit defeat of socialism in the UK, there has been a relatively fine differentiating line between the policies of the Tory blues and the Labour reds, both encircling the capitalist centre ground. When one of the Read More >
Big Ben and Houses of parliament in London, UK Use monetary policy to solve the housing crisis The strategic course that needs to be taken
If there is one thing (apart from Brexit) that politicians in the UK acknowledge the need to do something about, it is housing. The average house price is now almost eight times the average salary, meaning even the smallest starter homes are well Read More >
White Collar Factory The White Collar Factory: a new kind of office building Simon Silver explains the motivation behind the project
From the very early days over 30 years ago, Derwent has had an affinity with industrial buildings that could be converted into generous and characterful office space. The principle was actually very simple; it was about three words, 'Volume And Read More >
New home under construction with sunlight coming through the rafters The politics of residential property investment Now that the political party conference season is over, Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy at the BPF, shares his thoughts on housing policy directions
With the season behind us, now is a good a time to consider what we gleaned from this year’s political party conferences in Bournemouth, Brighton and Manchester, and the implications for residential property investors. Aside from the usual Read More >


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