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Sustained demand for logistics Prices are just as important as technology and demographics in explaining the shifts between retail and logistics in U.S. real estate markets

U.S real estate is having ‘a good cycle’. It is a long one by any standards.  We are also seeing shifts between sectors. Single family homes have given way to apartments; but the way in which the retail has ceded ground to industrial and logistics is the biggest talking point. Technology and demographics are generally […]

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Global Investing A study in commercial property, Europe’s financial fault lines and India’s Sensex and Sri Lankan equities

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GCC Focus – Losing and making money in commercial property The sharp rise in US Treasury, British gilt, German Bund and other government bond yields is a disaster for real estate investment trusts (REIT’s) worldwide, including those in the GCC. In the $1.2 trillion US REIT market, prices of REIT’s investing in commercial property segments […]

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Let your office tenant sublet space without your consent?! How to make a "traditional" lease a more attractive choice for occupiers in the new normal of serviced offices and co-working spaces

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I’ve recently been involved in a few subletting transactions relating to offices in London. These transactions were time-critical, but very time-consuming, and the pain of securing superior landlord consent for the subletting at times made me want to poke myself in the eye with a stick. No-one was at fault: all principals, agents and lawyers […]

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