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Euro property investor Belgian office accommodation, the challenges for businesses in France and why the Germans are not always more efficient

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I have been active in the European real estate markets for over 30 years with a focus on the more liquid north-western countries. I have worked for agencies (Knight Frank and CBRE), an accountancy practice (Touche Ross) and investment banks Lazard Brothers and Citigroup. Nearly 14 years ago I set up Rynda Property Investors as […]

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The power of emotion Why satisfying the sub-conscious is one of the most important considerations with any development

Looking at the current market there are two key challenges – the first is high Stamp Duty and the second is Brexit. This is important to make clear because I believe that these movements have caused the mentality of the buyer to shift. Whereas in the past the market was forgiving, in today’s market if […]

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