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The brutal unpredictability of sport Horse racing is not about petty politics and in-fighting, but is actually about sport

Originally published May 2018. Sport. The very fine margins. The difference between winning and losing. The moments that define a career. The moments that define a life. There has been an awful lot of talk recently about FOBT’s. About levels of prize money. About fighting in the bars, and fighting on the lawns. About a […]

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The Iroquois Steeplechase Ascot is caviar and champagne, Nashville is southern fried chicken, coleslaw and Jack D

The second Saturday of May. Percy Warner Park. First race due off at 1.00pm. By which time a huge crowd will have assembled. The infield strewn with vast pick up trucks, parties of young men and Southern Belles dressed to impress, seersucker suits, barbecue smoke hanging lazily in the still humidity. Nashville, Tennessee. The Iroquois […]

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