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In maritime investments it pays to cast your network wide

Alternative assets

In our last article we looked at how Ship Owners were attracting financial investments through innovating their product offering and slowly catching up with the digital age. This commentary will now focus on the softer skills required in dealing with marine money; the importance of good contacts and relationship management to help build trust in transactions.

The historic Baltic Exchange placed great importance on reliance at a global scale, with its moto being ‘our word is our bond’. Whilst the Baltic Exchange has seen many market shifts and recently been bought by Singaporean investors, its foundations on good business networks still holds great relevance.

With today’s instant communication era and 24/7 satellite monitoring, the concept of keeping track of only 52,000 global commercial trading vessels, its cargo, the associated cashflows and the people controlling it should be relatively easy; however, this is surprisingly not the case for such a small industry in terms of stakeholders. Whilst the world seems to be shrinking there are still lots of places to hide in the deep blue sea. 

Alternative assets

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Martin Baber

Martin Baber is a consultant within the commercial maritime industry with over 16 years of professional experience. Having gained a wide breath of sector exposure from setting new trading desks to advising new investors on maritime ventures he is well positioned to help others gain relevant shipping knowledge. He holds an Executive MBA from Imperial College and prior to his commercial shipping career Martin was a Captain in the Parachute Regiment, HM Forces. He can be contacted at

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