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It’s time to value value

The Fund Manager

‘New’ economy stocks have surged over the past five years, but unfashionable value may be about to have its moment in the sun.

US internet shares have been roaring ahead, particularly in recent months. The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the shift towards online retail and smart communications, and these are the most obvious winners. It has been a giddy ride. But the divergence in share prices now far outstrips the underlying economic reality. As the chart shows, the top five tech companies by market capitalisation today have risen 500% over the past six years, while over the same period the MSCI World ex-US index has been about flat. Apple alone is now worth more than 80% of the continental European market (at end July).

The Fund Manager

About Hermione Davies

Hermione Davies is Investment Director at Ruffer. Previously Managing Director of Bessemer Group (UK), she was Chief Investment Officer of the group’s non–US investments. She graduated from Oxford and started her career at NatWest Bank prior to becoming a fund manager of a Japanese-Pacific Unit Trust at Guinness Mahon & Co.

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