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The property market appears unaffected by Brexit Why there is no cause for concern in the foreseeable future

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Property auctions are renowned for reflecting the mood of the market in real time – private treaty transactions can take months from initial closure of the deal to exchange of contracts, completion and the eventual reporting in the various professional magazines and government statistics.

Despite the widespread predictions of the Brexit remoaners, the property auction market has shown little signs of decline across the country with the possible exception of the already overheated London sector – which is not as dependent upon Europe as it is by non-EEC countries around the globe.

Indeed, auctioneers have reported stable results in all sectors and regions – generally slightly up on instructions, prices achieved and percentages sold during 2017 compared with the previous year.

The increase in stamp duty for small investors, removal of mortgage interest from the tax computations on buy to let and the (recently withdrawn) proposal to prevent agents charging fees to potential tenants appears not to have had the desired effect of damping down the demand in the buy to let sector. The removal of stamp duty for first time buyers will probably increase demand and firm up prices for start up homes in the residential market.

The Auctioneer

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Clive Emson

Clive Emson is the Chairman of the eponymous auction company that he formed in 1989 to provide an independent land property auction facility for statutory authorities, private clients and estate agents with clients that wish to consider auction as an alternative marketing method. Over 850 high street agents from Essex to Cornwall now help to introduce lots and distribute the 20,000 catalogues published for each of the eight auctions held each year. Prior to 1989 Clive was the national property auctioneer for Prudential Property Services and regional professional director for the South East. He is a Chartered Surveyor, honoured member of the National Association of Estate Agents and a member of the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers. Clive Emson Auctioneers are now the 5th largest property auctioneer in the UK in respect of volume and value of lots sold in the UK.

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