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Solutions for the butts in seats debate: time to get creative and listen to our customers/employees, part 2

The Professor

Last week, I started the discussion of the great debate that is actually turning into the great resignation. Employees are talking with their feet and when a company starts demanding that they come back to the office they make the choice that it’s time to find a more humane company that understands the trials and tribulations of life. This is particularly true for the new parents who are entering family life and for the ‘sandwich generation’ that have both children and elderly relatives to care for. But it’s also for other employees who want to have time to eat right, work out and have a hobby or two. And the environmentally conscious individuals who really are working to reduce their carbon footprint and help fight the climate chaos this world is currently facing.   

I highlighted the debate and the striking observation that I made that those on the work-from-home side are much more heterogenous than those on the butts in seats side. That is, the second group tends to be more male, white and older, and they would like to return to normal, to the old way of doing business. I really do not think we will be going back to the old way of doing things.  

The Professor

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Elaine Worzala

Dr. Elaine Worzala is the Bendit Distinguished Scholar and Chair of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at George Washington University. She is a proud graduate of the Wisconsin Real Estate Program at the UW-Madison. She is an active member of numerous academic and professional organizations including the Counselors of Real Estate. She is currently Academic Liason Editor for Real Estate Issues. She has held academic appointments at many institutions most recently at the College of Charleston. Dr. Worzala has received numerous awards over the years. She is most proud of the American Real Estate Society’s Grasskamp Award.

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