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The UAE – Geared to lead The laws will be finally introduced in the last quarter of this year making for an exceptionally exciting H2 2018.

Investor's Notebook

A global economic crisis, rising regional political tensions, and a dismal outlook to the macro economic stance all make for an exceptionally tumultuous atmosphere to navigate through. Nevertheless, the United Arab Emirates led by its capital Abu Dhabi, has met these challenges head on while spear heading invigorating initiatives that would keep this nation ahead of the pack. The UAE just introduced a game-changing investment law, which allows for up to 100 per cent ownership to foreign investors in various sectors and is expected to further excite and attract private and foreign direct investments into the country.  The laws will be finally introduced in the last quarter of this year making for an exceptionally exciting H2 2018.

This law, enthusiastically awaited by the commercial community, is expected to change not only the investment landscape of the UAE, but also create significant growth opportunities attracting more foreign direct investments (especially into the non-oil sectors) and enhance the SMEs contribution to GDP. It will make way for a more lenient fiscal policy, significant inflow of investment in infrastructure and increase private investment momentum for years to come.

“Economists expect an annual surge of up to 15-20 per cent in FDI flow once the law comes into effect. In 2017, the UAE remained the main destination of FDI inflows at about $11 billion, accounting for 22 per cent of total foreign direct investment to the Middle East and North Africa region”, according to Garbis Iradian, Chief Economist at the Washington-based Institute of International Finance.

Investor's Notebook

About Mustafa Kheriba

Mustafa Kheriba

Mustafa Kheriba is the Group Chief Operating Officer of Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG), and Executive Director of the Company's Investment Manager, ADCM Ltd. He manages the investment activities and platforms of ADFG and its subsidiaries, including business development, deal origination, fund raising and key investments globally. Mustafa also currently serves as Executive Director of Integrated Alternative Finance, Board Member of Spadille Ltd., Executive Director of Northacre Plc, Board Member and Managing Director of Reem Finance, Executive Director of Integrated Securities and Integrated Eastern European Fund, in addition to being Non-Executive Director at Qannas Investments Limited. Additionally, Mustafa is a Board Director and Managing Director of Gulf Finance Company UAE and KSA. Mustafa previously held senior posts in financial services and investment companies in the GCC, USA and Canada. He has been named among the top 50 MENA Fund Managers in the 2015 and 2016 annual survey conducted by MENA FM. Mustafa holds a BA from the University of Toronto, and an MBA from Ohio Dominican University with Magna Cum Laude honours.

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