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About Diego Zuluaga

Diego Zuluaga

Diego Zuluaga is Head of Financial Services and Tech Policy at the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Recent Posts by Diego Zuluaga:
How innovation drives financial inclusion As the developing world makes strides towards financial inclusion, the West is going in the other direction

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Government loan programmes are failing the most vulnerable students Only 45 percent of post-2016 student borrowers in the UK are expected to repay their loans in full

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A proposal to fix welfare and fight intergenerational unfairness Why not give people pension funds at the start of their adult lives?

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Why the fall in IPOs is a threat to popular capitalism Start-ups are looking away from the public markets to raise capital

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The price of not knowing the value of Bitcoin The Bitcoin boom-and-bust could well lead to regulatory overkill

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Which is a better bet: Bitcoin or the dollar? Buying Bitcoin is nothing more than a bet on its future value

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